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Learning Commons/Media Center

Is it the Library? Is it the STEM Lab? No! It’s the Learning Commons! The Learning Commons is more than a Library or a Lab, it is a space and a mindset that puts students at the center of learning and provides the perfect environment. It is an extension of the classroom and a place to enhance skills such as collaboration, communication and critical thinking. Students will have class in the learning commons once a week and will explore various STEM activities, check out books, and learn all about technology.

When Can My Student Check Out a Book?

Students have the opportunity to check out books during their scheduled library time. They also are able to visit the library during other hours of the school day at their teacher’s discretion. Kindergartners and first graders are allowed to check out one book per visit. Second graders are allowed to check out two; third graders – three; fourth and fifth graders are allowed to check out four. Students must return their books to check out or renew the books.

Fairview Librarian

Our school librarian is Lauren Tortorelli. Feel free to reach out with any questions.

three students holding books in library